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Russell really knows his history and even let us change the tour to warm up in McSorleys for a quick drink. Highly recommended!

Alyssa - Tripadvisor

Weird New York, Alligators, Sewers, Freemasons

Weird New York

We've all heard the one ​about the alligators in the sewer​s. But is it true? Well, kinda. Alligators have indeed been found in New York's sewer system. But have you also heard the one about the room in SOHO where they've been playing one continuous musical note for the past 30 years? No? How about the hidden masonic cipher on the tombstone in Trinity churchyard? The abandoned subway station under City Hall? The Irish civil war veterans from New York who invaded Canada five times in the 19th Century in order to hold it hostage? How about the room filled only with wall to wall dirt? If there's one thing New York has no shortage of, its weird. And that's kind of our specialty. Join us as we separate legend from fact, and then print the legend anyway. Remember to bring a Metrocard for this one; we'll be taking two rides on the subway.

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